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Altium has been very flexible and willing to invest and do some things within their network to satisfy us.

Chief Operating Officer Beverage Company

Through the pandemic, through a variety of supply chain challenges, we have had problems of every kind and Altium has been a rock. We’ve had virtually nothing that looks like a blip or a hiccup over the last couple of years. They have really truly been our partner.

Vice President, Operations Specialty Chemical Company

In our world, local manufacturing is crucial. Logistics play a significant role in what we do. Altium’s footprint of manufacturing facilities aligns nicely with where we have our strong customer bases.

Executive Vice President Packaging Distribution Partner

Every time I reach out to someone at Altium, no matter what the level is, people are very responsive to getting back to me, which is important. It’s something that helps me understand that we are in important customer to Altium.

Chief Operating Officer Beverage Company

We’ve used Altium’s design services and have been to the design lab. We redesigned nearly our entire package portfolio over a period of 3 years and Altium’s services and capabilities were spectacular. We would do it again if needed!

Vice President, Operations Specialty Chemical Company

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    An organization backed by over 100 years of experience, over 60 plants in the U.S. and Canada, and approximately 3,000 employees.

    Altium Packaging: Premier Provider of Thomasville Plastic Packaging Solutions

    Altium Packaging – Setting New Standards in Plastic Packaging

    As a leading force in the plastic packaging industry, Altium Packaging has been a game-changer in the Thomasville, North Carolina region. They have steadily made a name for themselves, delivering high-quality, sustainable plastic packaging solutions to numerous local businesses, setting an unrivaled standard in the industry.

    Specializing in Varied Industries

    The presence of a diverse array of industries in the Thomasville region makes it a prime location for Altium Packaging to showcase its versatility. Furniture, textiles, and logistics are the key industries that shape Thomasville’s economic landscape. Altium Packaging effectively caters to these major players by providing custom plastic packaging solutions that not only meet industry standards but exceed them.

    Unrivaled Support for the Furniture Industry

    Thomasville is renowned for its furniture industry, boasting a legacy of fine craftsmanship. In response to the growing needs of this sector, Altium Packaging provides sturdy, reliable plastic packaging designed to protect furniture during transport and storage. By reducing damage to goods and increasing customer satisfaction, Altium Packaging plays a crucial role in bolstering the furniture industry’s reputation for quality and integrity.

    Boosting the Textile Industry with Innovative Packaging

    Thomasville’s thriving textile industry also benefits enormously from Altium Packaging’s expertise. The company’s innovative plastic packaging solutions help ensure the safe and efficient delivery of delicate textile products. Whether it’s clothing, upholstery, or fabrics, Altium’s plastic packaging preserves the quality of textile products, boosting consumer confidence and industry success.

    Reinforcing the Logistics Industry

    The logistics industry, another significant sector in Thomasville, relies heavily on the robust plastic packaging that Altium provides. By developing durable, lightweight, and cost-effective packaging, Altium enables companies to optimize their supply chain operations, ensuring that goods reach their destination intact and on time.

    Prioritizing Sustainable Plastic Packaging

    In an era where sustainability is paramount, Altium Packaging is leading the way in the development of eco-friendly plastic packaging solutions. They utilize recycled materials and innovate in sustainable manufacturing processes, proving their commitment to reducing environmental impact. This focus not only positions Altium as a responsible corporate citizen but also aligns them with the evolving expectations of consumers and regulatory bodies.


    Altium Packaging’s unique blend of quality, versatility, and sustainability makes them the go-to provider of plastic packaging solutions in Thomasville, NC. Their expertise across varied industries has not only reinforced the local economy but has also set a benchmark in the plastic packaging industry. As the future unfolds, it’s clear that Altium Packaging will continue to lead the way, shaping the landscape of plastic packaging in Thomasville and beyond.